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Math 8.
Instructor: Mrs. Schroedl   

Welcome To 8th grade Core Connections 3 math.  We will refer to our class as 'CREW' because we all must be actively involved every day! Our motto is "we are crew not passengers".
I am very excited by the curriculum we use, it is very inquiry based, meaning the students will be investigating mathematical ideas in order to make connections, discover relationships, figure out what strategies can be used to solve problems, and explain their thinking.  Further, this curriculum allows for a lot of collaboration amongst students, allowing all students to be a member of a team and to learn and grow from one another.  I will facilitate learning through discovery and team interactions. 

Units of Study
Chapter 1:  Problem-solving
Chapter 2:  Simplifying with variables. 
Chapter 3:  Graphs and equations
Chapter 4:  Multiple representations
Chapter 5:  Systems of equations
Chapter 6:  Transformations and similarity
Chapter 7:  Slope association
Chapter 8:  Exponents and functions
Chapter 9:  Angles and Pythagorean Theorem

For homework help:
For graphing help: https://www.desmos.com/calculator
For virtual algebra tiles http://tinyurl.com/highlandtiles
Parent guide for step by step chapter by chapter! http://cpm.org/cc3-parent-guide

Last week, so much to do!
Monday: Students will be working on the tiny house project. Homework- diamond homework

Tuesday: Last day to work on the tiny house project. We will be determining the perimeter and the area. Homework will be solving for volume.

Wednesday: Who done it, solve for x. Homework- 5d process review

Thursday: Superhero math practice. Homework will be some more superhero math!

Fridays quiz will cover area, perimeter, volume, determining where 2 points meet, solving for X, 5 d process, and some superhero math.
Hang in for the ride!
We have a short week due to the Epic field trip, and MAPS tests we only have a few days to focus on skills.

Monday: Students may bring devices to class so we can play kahoot! Homework: skills review percent to a number.

Tuesday. We will be learning point slope form to determine slope and y-intercept: Homework: y=mx+b from 2 points

Wednesday: EPIC field trip!

Thursday: MAPS testing- No homework!

Friday: Tiny house project! No homework!
A lot to do this week!
Monday: We will be looking at systems of equations, as well as using Ozobot to calculate slope.
Students will have home where they practice finding slope.

Tuesday: Students will be using 2 points on a graph to determine slope!, We will be using our knowledge of slope to race a partner, as well as some super hero skills practice. Homework will be superhero review!

Wednesday: Off to CSU!!! have a great time!

Thursday and Friday we will be working on area and perimeter and building a tiny house. Homework will be to complete the project!

No Friday quiz!!!!
Back to work!!!
More fun to be had!!!
Monday: Huskies and highlanders combined class. We will be starting wrapping up projects from last week, we will be taking to pre-tests for student grouping. Homework will be a review handout.

Tuesday: All students will be working in groups as we compare fuel efficiency in cars. Homework will be to finish class work.

Wednesday: We will be on computers in the classroom.
Please go to http://technology.cpm.org/general/keylock/ We will be learning about transformations. Homework will be a handout.

Thursday: we will be taking a practice quiz, where questions can be answered and practiced. Homework will be to complete the days assignment.

Friday: QUIZ!!! yes, back to weekly quizzes!!!
Skills review!
As we gear up towards PARC testing, I am reminded how far we have all come.
Monday: We will be taking a test over unit 7. No homework!

Tuesday: Students will be practicing combining like terms, and solving for X homework will be pizzaz worksheet X and inequalities. Students will also play a memory game to practice like terms.

Wednesday: Students will be practicing with exponents. We will play some games, do a worksheet in class and for homework.

Thursday/Friday: No quiz this week, I will have students either Thursday or Friday. We will be practicing order of operations. No homework.
Chapter 7 unit final
We are finishing chapter 7 this week! Unit final this Friday!
Monday: Students will be using qualitative data to graph. 7.3.3 out of the textbook. Homework number 9 in learning log. Huskies will be multiplying decimals.

Tuesday: Students will be doing chapter 7 closure, homework will be finishing the closure problems. Huskies will be working with charts and word problems.

Wednesday: Students will learn the metric system. Homework for all students will be


http://www.mathfox.com/mathgames/metric-system-game/ ( this one looks fun, you should be able to compete)




Thursday: Students will be working on IXL in the chromebox lab. Austyn will be incharge of when to switch to new objectives.
1 https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-7/find-the-slope-from-a-graph 10min
2 https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-7/solve-two-step-equations 15min
3 https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-7/solve-equations-word-problems 20min
4 https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-8/write-a-linear-equation-from-a-slope-and-y-intercept 10min
5 https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-8/solve-multi-step-equations REST OF CLASS
Homework # 10 in learning log

Friday: Unit final!!! Chapter 7

Switching it up a bit!
Students will be split into 2 groups for improved success. Group A will continue in the text books and group B will review past concepts for another chance at success. Do to this change EVERY students has the ability to score an A on every assessment.

Monday: Both groups will be reviewing proportions 7.2.5 in the text books and group 2 will review some skill and drill worksheets. Homework 7 in the learning log

Tuesday: Group A will be 7.3.1 in the text books new ways to use an equation. Group b will be reviewing adding and subtracting decimals (28,34,54) Homework will be 8 in the learning log.

Wednesday. We will be working in the chromebox lab on IXL, or KHAN
Unit rate printout for homework.

Thursday: group A in the text book 7.3.2 students review Newtons revenge challenge from the first semester. Group B will be reviewing how to multiply decimals. (37,40,45) Homework is 9 in the learning log.

Friday: quiz over weeks work!
More ways to use slope.
Monday: Students will be in the research center, doing IXLpractice. Links listed below:
Homework is #5 in the learning log.
Tuesday: Students will be celebrating pi day! We will be using Pi to measure area and perimeter of pi, as well as there will be some pi involved. Homework will be pi related
Wednesday: in the text 7.2.5 connecting rate to slope. Homework will be in the learning log #6
Thursday: We will have a review quiz, revisiting diamond problems, pi problems and area and perimeter. No homework, have a great break!!!


More chapter 7, more growth and slope
Monday: In the text 7.2.2 Students will look at how the slope changes with speed. Homework 4 in learning log.

Tuesday: Skills review. classroom worksheets. Movie day, no homework!

Wednesday: In the text 7.2.3. Making the connection between unit rate and slope. Homework 5 in the learning log.

Thursday: In the text 7.2.4. Students look at all the information that can be understood from slope. Homework 6 in learning log.

Friday: quiz no homework
Chapter 7
Monday: Students will continue with chapter 5 unit final. Students who are complete will be playing math games. No homework on Monday!

Tuesday: We will start lesson 7.1.2 looking at scatterplots! What is the relationship with the data? Homework will be Hw 1 in the 3rd learning log.

Wednesday: In the text we will be doing 7.1.3, identifying and analyzing data. Homework is #2 in the 3rd learning log

Thursday: textbook 7.2.1 reviewing Y=MX+B Homework will be number 3 in the newest learning log.

Friday: Weekly quiz: homework problems will be fair game, if you've done it in homework you could see it on the quiz. Students will be able to use learning logs to support.
week of feb 21st
Monday: no school
Tuesday: field trip
Wednesday: Students will work on test corrections with support. Students will also work in small skills-based groups. Homework 'Graphing solves the problem. '
Thursday: Review day for unit final: Homework: complete classroom work. I will offer after school review this Thursday.
Friday: Chapter 5 unit final! This will be worth 50 points. Students are expected to ask questions and study!!!
Moving forward
This week we will return to the test book and continue with chapter 5.
Monday: 5.2.2 in the text book, using word problems to find where to items are equal. Students will be working with partners.
Homework is the printout on solving perimeters.

Tuesday: 5.2.3: Students will learn how to solve when 2 rules meet, algebraically! We will again be working in teams.
Homework will be page 15 in the learning log

Wednesday: Today students will use problem solving skills to make both rules into the y=mx+b form to then solve for x.
Homework will be page 16 in the learning log.

Thursday: we will be doing the closure in the text book. Work today will be completed at home for full credit. Hard work in class makes for less homework at home!

Friday: Unit quiz. Preparing for unit final last week.
chapter 5 skills review
Monday: Students will working on some skill building worksheets practicing graphing y=Mx+b. By the end of class students will have the skills to graph a line. Homework will be a handout practicing Y=mx+b

Tuesday: 5.2.2 in the CPM textbook. Students will be creating graphs with word problems. Rarely in life does math present itself in a simple equation. Most daily math is in the form of words that need to be deciphered.
Homework 13b in the learning log

Wednesday.: Review practice solving word problems using the 5d process and playdoh. This is a hands-on lesson to review this super important skill of decoding a problem. Homework 14in the learning log.
Thursday: Chapter 4 vocabulary review. Homework includes the vocabulary and the learning log 15a. Learning logs must be turned in on Friday.

Friday quiz: Very similar to last Fridays quiz
y=mx+b working with multi-variable equations
Students will use their skills to put all equations into the Y=MX+B formula. Students are doing a great job solving for X. Parents you can help your student by sharing when you have to figure out unknowns in your lives or jobs.
Monday: Students will be focusing on math vocabulary. Many times students don't know what to do with a problem because they don't know the vocabulary. We will also look for ways to change equations to the y=mx+b form. Homework is 11b in their learning logs.

Tuesday: We will learn how to eliminate fractions from an equation. Homework will be 12a in learning logs

Wednesday: Students will start to practice with systems of equations and determined when they are the same. Looking at lines and using the point of intersection to determine when 2 sets of data are equal. This is section 5.2.1 in the text book. Homework is 13 in their learning log.

Thursday: 5.2.2 in the CPM textbook. Students will be creating graphs with word problems. Rarely in life does math present itself in a simple equation. most daily math is in the form of words that need to be deciphered.

Friday: Like most Fridays, we will have a quiz, we will have a few questions over this weeks work, as well as previous work. Students learning logs are the best way to study, as well as students are allowed to use learning logs during the quiz.

Using a graph to find the rule
We will be adding a vocabulary focus this week.
Monday: We will be doing 4.1.4 in the textbook. What is the rule and how can I use it? Homework expectations in the learning log HW9 http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch4/lesson/4.1.3/problem/4-25

Tuesday: Textbook 4.1.6: How can I use growth? Homework #10 in the learning. http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch4/lesson/4.1.3/problem/4-25

Wednesday: Textbook lesson 4.1.7. What are the connections? Homework # 11a in the learning log. http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch4/lesson/4.1.3/problem/4-26

Thursday: Chapter 4 lesson closure. Homework # 11b in the learning log. http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch4/lesson/4.1.3/problem/4-26

Friday: chapter 4 unit final: You guys are rocking this chapter!
Lets get cranking!!!
Now that we have had a few days to review skills we will conteru to move forward in out text book!

Tuesday: You will be picking new team members and working on a tile pattern team challenge. Your homework will be 7a out of the newest learning log. Answers can be found at : ​http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch4/lesson/4.1.1

Wedensday: We will be practing using writing the rule when we have a pattern. Your homework is 7b out of the new learning log. answers can be found at ​http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch4/lesson/4.1.1

Thursday: We will be using the text book and lesson 4.3 specifically we will be looking at how a graph grows. What info we can get out of a graph? Homework is number 8 in the learning log answers can be found at ​http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch4/lesson/4.1.1

Friday: We will have a quiz. This quiz will be indiviual, you will need to solve for X, you will need to solve a 5-d problem and you will need to show some understanding you gained from the game of life project. Remember any homework problem is fair game, and you get to use your learning logs so keep up the corrections.
Welcome Back!!!
Welcome back! I’m sorry I can’t be there with you all this week, but you are in good hands! Please remember the homework expectations. You are to do one assignment a day in your past semesters learning log.

Monday: Today you will be completing “ the game of life” as well as working on a 3 dimensional project solving for X. HW one page out of your learning log that has not been marked.

Tuesday: Today you will be going to the research center and using the 24 pod computers. Please follow the links to work on the areas of focus. To earn credit for today you must use and turn in scratch paper. You also must log in for me to see your progress. I am not worried about badges, but I want you to got 10 correct before you move on to the next link. HW one page out of your learning log that has not been marked.

Wednesday: You will again be going to the resource center. Today you will be logging onto Kahn Academy. I can see your progress, you may work on any concept, but be sure to use and turn in scratch paper. HW one page out of your learning log that has not been marked.

Thursday: Today you will be using graphs to determine a cars fuel efficiency. HW one page out of your learning log that has not been marked.

Friday: No quiz! You will be reviewing the 5d process and practicing within your groups. This will be on your quiz next Friday!
Last 2 days before break!
Students must have test corrections turned in by Friday the 6th of Jan. I will also accept missing work till then. Test corrections worksheet is posted below

Monday we will practice solving for x- homework is anything not completed in class.

Tuesday we will solve a puzzle with our math skills!

Have a great weekend!
MAPS testing this week
Students will be taking NWEA MAPS tests this week. I am proud of each and every student and I think with some review students can be very successful as well as build confidence in personal math skills.

MAPS test are the same value in class as a unit final, students scratch paper will be used to score an additional 20 points. This means that students can earn 2 weeks work of points in this week.

Any student who does not take the MAPS test will have an incomplete until test has been completed!

Students will be giving their homework packet at the beginning of the week. Assignments have been picked specifically for this class to review for the MAPS test.

During class we will be using Mountain Math to review past content on Monday, and Wednesday. Tuesday will be in the computer lab, and Thursday and Friday students will be taking MAPS tests.

I will have a after school review of content on Wed till 5:00 Pizza will be served at 4:30
Week 6 end of chapter 3
We will be wrapping this week up with a unit final. Students are expected to study. The best thing to study would be learning log entires for unit 3 as well as come to after school tutoring on Wednesday till 6, Root beer and pizza will be provided.

Monday: Students will be revisiting the Redwood forest problem 3.2.5 and figuring out how to determine how old a tree is given its height. Homework will be handed out in class as well as uploaded to the bottom of this page.

Tuesday students will be reminded of distributive properties. We will be using algebra tiles for conceptual understanding. Homework will be #6 in the learning log http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch3/lesson/3.2.5/problem/3-113

Wednesday students will be doing the closure of chapter 3. Students will start on this assignment in class and complete it at home.

Thursday. We will do a unit final scavenger hunt so students can practice their understanding. Homework will be correcting errors in past homework- students need to use a different color, or put their corrections in a box so I can see corrections. This is a great way to study for the upcoming unit final.

Friday. Unit final. Be prepared to THINK!!!
week 5 2nd quarter.
Monday students in math class will revisit algebra tiles and record step by step solving equations, as well as substituting the answer to check if that answer is correct. Students will also discover that some equations have many answers, and other have no answers. Homework tonight is in the new learning log # 2 http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch3/lesson/3.2.1/problem/3-74

Tuesday students will be playing the game "guess my number". Students will practice solving for an unknown as well as creating their own guess my number game. Homework is #3 in the new learning log. http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch3/lesson/3.2.2/problem/3-84

Wednesday students will be solving for x when given the y value. Students will be graphing a rule to determine if its easier to solve for y or build a graph. homework is #4 in the new learning log. http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch3/lesson/3.2.3/problem/3-94

Thursday students will prepare for Fridays quiz. Students will be reviewing with a scavenger hunt around the old middle school. Homework will be a quiz review worksheet.

Friday students will have a quiz that will include solving for an unknown, students will need to translate a verbal statement like we did in guess my number. Students will have to solve for y when given x as well as build a table and a graph of a "big C" figure. Students will also revisit some diamond problems that include fractions.
week 4, Midterm grades come out this week!
Wednesday is the last day to turn in test corrections or missing homework assignments.

Monday: Many students will be finishing their quiz from Friday. Students who are finished will have some time for test corrections and some math review games. Homework will be a Thanksgiving puzzle.

Tuesday: We will return to the text and look at 3.1.5 and we will look at how to determine the cost of a tip. Homework will be a worksheet determining independent and dependent variables.

Wednesday: Using the text 3.1.6 Working with x-y tables. Students will practice making graphs when giving the rule. Homework will be more graphing practice.

Thursday: Again we will be in the text book 3.1.7 We will revisit perimeters and graph perimeters with unknown sides. Students will need to remember inequalities. We will start class with some reminders of inequalities. Homework will be an extension of today’s work. Working hard in class will allow students less homework.

Friday: We will wind up concepts: I will work with individual students to support understanding and students will review concept understanding with Kahn Academy. Have a great Holiday!!!!

week 3, 2nd quarter: elgibility pulled this week

This week students in my math class will get a new learning log that will contain the homework for the next quarter. There will be additional supplements to increase student skills. Homework help can be found at http://tinyurl.com/highlandcrew

Monday students will be completing Fridays quiz. We are starting a mini unit on using variables Theme Park Tycoon. Students will be working on this in class and will be completing their learning log at home for homework. Mondays homework will be a selection of printouts for students to choose.
Tuesday: Students will be completing the Theme park tycoon. Homework will be completing the packet.

Wednesday: Students can expect a sub. Student are expected to represent Highland middle is in the amazing manor I know is possible. Students will not be able to work as a team but independently. Class work will be practice and review of solving for X: Students who have mastered this skill will be asked to help other students. Students will also be practicing solving diamond problems involving fractions. Homework will be in the Learning log #1 https://ebooks.cpm.org/bookdb.php?title=cc3&name=3.1.7&type=lesson

Thursday: We will return to the text and look at 3.1.5 and we will look at how to determine the cost of a tip. Homework will be in the learning log#2

Friday: Will be a participation quiz. Students will be graded on their ability to work in their teams and use their roles. We will be reworking some of the homework problems so students need to bring in their learning logs.
2nd week in quarter 2
We will start the week out with solving for proportions. Students have learned this skill in past years but we need to revisit the idea. We will also look at order of operations, Remembering PE(MD)(AS). We will also look at page 102 in the text chapter 3.1.3
Homework is #19 in the learning log: web help is http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch3/lesson/3.1.2/problem/3-13

Tuesday: We will practice solving for X. We will be completing the review preview section in the text on page 106. Homework and classwork are combined http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch3/lesson/3.1.1/problem/3-4

Wednesday : We will build a class graph. Using the text section 3.1.4 Homework will be in the learning log# 20 help at: http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch3/lesson/3.1.4/problem/3-37

Thursday: Text 3.1.4 We will imagine Morgan goes on a date and must figure out the tip. Homework will be in the learning log #22 http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch3/lesson/3.1.6/problem/3-56

Friday Students will have a quiz looking at patterns, graphs, X and Y tables as well as determining the rule. Students will be expected to solve for an unknown.
First week of quarter 2
A new semester a new start! Everyone starts with an A. We start the 2nd quarter with chapter 3. Chapter 3 is all about patterns, graphs and tables. Students will have more opportunities to work with rate problems and we will continue to work on the 5D process to solve for an unknown.

Monday: Students will be in their new team so teams will need to solve a problem. We will also learn a way to solve for X on paper. Mondays homework is practice solving for X Questions and answers are posted below.

Tuesday: Today we will be on the computer lab with 2 goals. We will by running a PHET https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/function-builder and looking at what a function is. We will also play silent board game. Tuesdays homework HW16 in the Learning log. Link to homework answers. http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch2/lesson/2.1.8/problem/2-76
Wednesday: Students will be working on lesson 3.1.1 in the text. We will be looking at and patturns and how they grow. homework is HW17 in the learning log. Link to homework answers. http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch3/lesson/3.1.1/problem/3-4

Thursday: This week we will not have an end of the week quiz. We will work on 3.1.2 in the text book. Students should be happy to know there will be no homework on Thursday!
Last week of first quarter
Monday: Explaining the steps needed to simplify equations. Homework is a continuation of todays class work. Including 4 problems where each step is explained.

Tuesday we will go over Mondays homework as well as reviewing past concepts. Students will be given individual homework depending on where practice is needed.

Wednesday: We will be in the computer lab solving for X- using virtual algebra tiles. Homework will be a continuation of class work. All homework must be turned in for both participation and homework grade.

Thursday: Students will do the chapter review in their text and complete for homework. All homework must be turned in for both participation and homework grade.

Friday: Unit Final: This will be the first grade in the grade book for next quarter.
Week 9
Change of plans for this week! Students will review concepts from last Fridays quiz.

Monday students revised tests to determine if errors were simple mistakes or misunderstanding of the content. Homework is # 15 in the learning log: Links to answers

Tuesday we will be working in the chrome box lab to review algebra tiles: Homework will be to complete the worksheet given in class. Included at the bottom of this page: Algebra tiles practice.

Wednesday Students will be rediscovering perimeter. Homework will be further practice with combining like terms. A copy can be found at the bottom of this page for your download.

Thursday: Students will review last weeks quiz and prepare for another quiz over the same information. Students should come to class with their quiz from last week to study. Homework will be practice solving for area and perimeter.

Friday: The quiz this Friday will be similar to the quiz last Fridays. Grades from this quiz will replace last Fridays quiz score.
week 8
8th grade crew: We have a full week and lots to cover! Hard work is expected daily and homework is assigned daily. Students may turn in work with a ‘missing’ for 80% points.

Monday: Perimeter and area review and practice. Students are continuing to work on combining like terms. Homework #13 homework help : http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch2/lesson/2.1.5/problem/2-53

Tuesday: Text book 2.1.4 Students are using expression mats to build story problems. Homework will be combining like terms practice.

Wednesday: Students will be working building skills Volley ball players will be expected to earn at minimum of 2000 points in class or at home. Homework will be pages 5 and 6 in the dream house packet- students will be looking at building codes and determining if a kitchen is built to code. ( warning thinking is involved)

Thursday: Using the text 2.1.5 Students will be using expression mats to compare 2 algebra statements. For a digital view of the expression mat http://technology.cpm.org/general/tiles/ Homework will be Homework # 14 in the learning log For help follow http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework/homework/category/CC/textbook/CC3/chapter/Ch2/lesson/2.1.6/problem/2-58

Friday: students will have a quiz! Quiz will include perimeter and area and combining like terms. No homework
week 7
This week we are still working with solving problems with variables.
Monday: Students will be working in the computer lab on student specific lessons on Khanacedemy.org Homework is Math Faces solving multiplication and division with fractions. Posted below
Tuesday: Lesson 2.1.2 Using algebra tiles to solve perimeter and area. Homework will be in the learning log#12
Wednesday: Revisiting the dream house packet. Homework will be our dream house packet again!
Thursday: Quiz- (over homework concepts. Perimeter and area) No homework
Friday: corn maze!!!!
Week 6 chapter 2!
We are moving along to chapter 2. Students will be expected to maintain understanding of chapter 1 material and will see it in the home work and quizzes.
Monday: no school
Tuesday: Chapter 2.1.1 What is a variable! Students will be using algebra tiles to investigate variables such as x and y and x^2 and y^2 as well as combining like terms. Homework is number 9 in the learning log.
Wednesday: We will be in the Chrome box lab today. Students will be working on content specific lessons on IXL, as well as logging into https://www.khanacademy.org/coaches using code ME9PRU Homework will be number 10 in the learning log.
Thursday: Chapter 2.1.2 Students will be discovering perimeter of complex shapes. We will be using algebra tiles with focus on combining like terms. Homework number 11 in the learning log
Friday: Student will have a quiz over combining like terms and perimeter and area.
5 weeks
This week we will be reviewing chapter 1 material including looking at how patterns grows, diamond problems, graphs, and x-y tables, proportion relationships and decoding a problem to solve an unknown. We be refreshing our memories of area, perimeter and linear growth as we remodel our dream home.
Monday: Chapter one closure. Homework will be a week long project to remodel your dream home. page 1-3 if needed you can print below. Students unable to compete this weeks homework will be unable to work with a team for the next chapter.
Tuesday: we will be practicing past skills in the computer lab, homework will be pages 4 and 5 in the dream house packet.
Wednesday. We will take a bit of time to work with our teams to reflect on past homework and past content. Homework page 6,7,8 in the dream house package.
Thursday we will look at the dream house packet as a class and work together to understand comprabal pricing.
Friday will be our chapter 1 unit final individual test. Students should use this week for questions and support.
4th week of classes
We are one month in and students impress me each and everyday! We have a short week but a lot to do!
Tuesday we are wrapping up this chapter- students will review content from this chapter as well as review adding and subtracting fractions. Homework will be a handout: Please note there is a copy posted on this page.
Wednesday we will look at lesson 1.2.1 and looking at proportional relationships. Homework for Tuesday is HW7 in the learning log and it can also be downloaded below.
Thursday We will look at lesson 1.2.2 in the textbook and continue to look at proportion relationships and how they work in a graph and a table. Homework for Wednesday is HW8 in the learning log.
Friday students will be working in their group to complete a group quiz. This is in preparation for success on the unit final.
3rd week of classes!
I am so impressed with our students beginning this year! We have had 5 homework assignments with a 99% completion rate! I'm hearing amazing supportive math conversations in my room, and we are all learning a lot!
Monday: Students will be in the computer lab using the graphing tool Desmos at https://www.desmos.com/calculator/lmdt65n6yu. Students will also be playing Orbit Integers at http://www.mathplayground.com/ASB_OrbitIntegers.html. The last thing students need to do on Monday is login to www.ProdigyGame.com/play, select "New Student" and enter code JND3JL
-------Monday homework is facing math simplifying fractions
Tuesday: Students will be deciding if a rollercoaster is safe or not. This is lesson 1.1.4 in the text book
-------Tuesday homework is homework 5 in the learning log
Wednesday: We will continue to our investigation of graphs and determining if there is a proportional relationship Text: 1.2.1
-------Wednesday homework is homework 6 in the learning log
Thursday: Students will be reviewing proportional relationship in a data table.
-------Thursday homework is homework 7 in the learning log.
Friday is a short day! We will review this weeks understanding with quiz. This is also the end of the chapter one. Students will spend some time next week preparing for chapter 1 unit final next week.
Week 2 8-22 to 8-26
This week 8th grade math students will be investigating graphs and the many different ways to represent information in a graph.
Monday 1.1.1 Graphs and diamond problems. Homework #2
Tuesday 1.1.2 Patterns. Homework # 3
Wednesday 1.1.3 Can I graph myself? Homework # 4
Thursday 1.1.4 how can I use data to solve a problem? Homework # 5
Friday: Review the weeks work and quiz

Discussion Topics
Parent guide: can be used by parents or students to support homework
 Algebra tiles practice.docx
Online algebra tiles
 quarter 2 hw (1).docx
Quarter 2 learning log
Tuesday 11-15 homework- dependent vs independent
 Graph the following table- wed homework.docx
Wed 11-16 homework graphing and rules
 math games.docx
Tuesday Dec 13th chrome lab.
No "Homework" exist(s)

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